“Choosing Mike Whiddon Ministries to be involved in the areas of management, operation, and assessment of our church was the best choice we could have made.  They were professional, and reasonable, and they worked hard to help us look at things in a fresh new way.  The honest approach taken was refreshing when dealing with our volunteers and leadership.  There are no gimmicks.  Everything they have done has been practical.  They have certainly helped us make measurable improvements in our ministry. ” Pastors Marion & Missy Fawns, Mt. Sterling, KY                                                                                     

“ Mike Whiddon doesn’t come only looking for problems, but to provide solutions. After just a few days, Mike’s input was enlightening and healthy for our church, saving us thousands of dollars by simply changing the way some things were being done, and his fees were more than reasonable”

Pastor Danny Wegman, Dallas, TX


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Mike Whiddon Ministries 

“Mike Whiddon Ministries was very instrumental in helping us to plant a new church. Their knowledge and expertise was only matched by their prompt and courteous service. I would highly recommend them to any church planter or new ministry start up".

Pastor Chad Kopshina, Parkersburg, WV


We have been so blessed to have come in contact with Mike Whiddon Ministries. I would have to say that I believe Mike and Myrna are some of the most precious people I have come to know. When Mike ministered on a Sunday morning in our church you could have heard a pin drop, everyone was listening so intently. When he speaks, he truly has something to say. The thing that stands out about this ministry is the work done behind the scenes to help the local church. Not only is the church blessed with his ministry in the pulpit, but also in church organization and church government. Churches all across our country need this type of ministry and there's not many out there to help meet this need. Thank you Bro and Sis Whiddon for the extraordinary love you have for the local church! May God bless your ministry in a very special way!   

Pastor Sam & Mary Woods, Oklahoma City, OK