Mike Whiddon Ministries 

we value:       excellence    truth    justice    and    freedom​

 Mike Whiddon Ministries Inc is available   to  conduct the following reviews:

  • Financial
  • Compensation
  • Corporate Compliance

 Mike Whiddon Ministries offers  assistance     with  the following back office processes:

  • Data Entry and Financial Reporting
  • Local, State and  Federal Filings
  • Conference Calls 

Mike Whiddon Ministries, Inc is a non-profit corporation that specializes in the Business Side of Ministry. 

We are funded by charitable donations.  Mike calls it passing the plate, to make our ministry available to all ministries regardless of their size.  Mike Whiddon Ministries, Inc began in 2010 when Mike and Myrna Whiddon knew that churches and religious non-profits were needing  a friend that could minister and provide administrative expertise to their ministries. 

God uses people to meet the needs that we have here on Earth.  Mike Whiddon Ministries wants to be God’s hand extended to churches and religious leaders across the nation, to inform and protect the local church and religious ministries.


When Mike and  Myrna first began travelling to minister in this unique ministry, they had no idea that ten years later, they would be working with ministries in eighteen states. We are not Pastors, Evangelists or Missionaries though we’ve  had experience in all of these areas of ministry.  Mike Whiddon Ministries, Inc is the Pastor and Church Leader’s Best Friend.